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young woman swearing a beanie and gloves, smiling, and holding a sign that says "you've got this" at a women's event for a christian church in omaha nebraska

Real women meet
Real Love

Thousands of women have had their lives changed forever at City Girl after meeting Jesus, the Savior of all. His loves heals, encourages, transforms, and protects. What are you in need of? Jesus' love will meet you where you are and transform your future forever.

"City Girl has allowed me to find freedom, family, purpose, and my identity in Christ!”
d and City Girl have changes her life in Omaha
Emma Bosco
“I was broken, alone, and tired; I accepted Jesus in my heart as Lord and savior at City Girl and since then, I have found purpose, family, freedom, and identity in Him!"
Gennesis Guzmán
“City Girl has given me an outlet where I am surrounded by women who encourage me, believe in the one loving Father who gives us more purpose than we could ever imagine.
Girl smiling outside City Girl Women's Christian ministry event at My City Church in Omaha
Grace Wagner